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We provide mobile recovery services to get you back up and running quickly. We render on-site athletic recovery services by a licensed clinician. We bring this therapy to you at your site, no need to drive to a local therapy center and pay extravagant membership fees. Our offered services fit all budgets and therapeutic needs. As the name Opulence implies, we will operate with a spirit of excellence by ensuring professionalism, cleanliness, 1st class customer service, scheduling, and comfort. The services we offer are different than what a typical sports trainer provides. Sports trainers are there to mitigate injury, and our services allow the athlete to recover quickly and resume normal activities.

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Athletes subject themselves to some of the most rigorous conditions to achieve optimal performance and sustainability. These conditions often result in muscle fatigue and discomfort. With our blend of compression, cold, and stretch therapy, athletes can have a much faster recovery rate than usual. These services allow their muscles to bounce back much more efficiently, allowing them to resume their normal physical activity much sooner. Reach out to us and book your event today.

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