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    Compression therapy is a non-invasive modality proven to assist with increasing circulation and range of motion, relaxation & recovery. Reduce pain and soreness, boost pressure to pain threshold and clear muscle cell metabolites from the limbs after physical activity. This modality pairs compression with a sophisticated massage pattern, employing three key forms of biomimicry, including pulsing, gradients, and distal release

    – The pulsing action uses dynamic compression, effectively mimicking the muscle pump of the legs and arms, to greatly enhance the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs.

    – Hold pressures are used, similar to the one-way valves of veins and lymphatic vessels, to prevent fluid backflow, and enhance the natural circulatory flow.

    – The distal release feature releases hold pressures once they are no longer needed, ensuring that each portion of the limb gains maximal rest time without a significant pause between compression cycles.

    Once you are set up on the devices, you will first experience a pre-inflate cycle, during which the attachments fill with air to calibrate and mould to their exact body shape. The session will then begin by compressing your feet. Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, each segment of the attachment will first compress in a pulsing manner and then release. This will repeat for each segment of the attachment as the compression pattern works its way up the limb. This stimulates blood flow, massages the muscles, and works in harmony with the body’s circulatory system to mobilize fluid out of the extremities and back up towards the heart.

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